The Ultimate

Self-help Job Search

Accelerator Course

An actionable career empowerment course guiding job seekers through the entire process of landing their dream careers.

Are you feeling stuck in the 9-5 rat race, unable to break out?

Has your resume not yielded the interviews you desire?


Do you dream of a salary you merit, in a career you feel passionate about?


Do you not have thousands of dollars of disposable income to invest in a professional coach or resume writer?

If you are reading this, I guess you have answered “yes” to one of these questions and are now wondering how to transform your working life.


I can personally understand the frustration that comes with feeling like your career trajectory has flat lined, or how emotionally drained working in a toxic environment can leave you.


I myself experienced the exact same feelings just a few years ago. I was feeling burned out, struggling to find happiness or a purpose in what I was doing.


But, believe me, there is a way out. This course was specifically designed to help you renovate your professional brand, and, like myself and 1,200+ others, increase your salary to the level it deserves.


This is not some magical tip or a fake promise, but genuine and proven advice that can help to give you the thought processes, skills and knowledge needed to secure your dream job.


How many times do you send your resume off and hear crickets?


How many phone interviews have you undergone, only to be ghosted?


Perhaps you have been told that you are either over- or under-qualified?


Or maybe your resume has fallen into the ATS black hole – whatever the reason, job hunting should not be a full-time task.




The lack of feedback or communication can be one of the most frustrating aspects of searching for a new role, which is why I will show you how to write a resume that will get you seen by hiring managers.

Alongside giving you all the resources, templates (resume + cover), scripts (networking + outreach) and job searching and interviewing tools you will need, our video training modules include…


- Career Road-mapping

Before you can create a killer resume or prep yourself for an interview, you need clarity on what your dream job actually looks like, including identifying multiple key areas you want from a job, such as the company ethos, responsibility and your annual salary. This opening module will build your career roadmap; helping you to unveil your dream job.


- Cover Letter & Resume Building

Once you have identified what your dream career looks like, I’ll help you how write your new cover letter and resume to ensure you stand out in front of hiring managers. With templated options for you to see, you will learn what makes an impactful resume and discover how to sell yourself effectively.


- Job Hunting Smart and Not Hard

If you have ever experienced the dull, repetitive cycle of applying for a job and not hearing back, then you are not alone. This module will teach you how to accelerate your job search and tap into the hidden job market; focusing on quality not quantity, working smart – not hard!


- Professional Network Building

A dreaded term for some people, the networking module will give you the confidence to tackle any situation and teach you how to network successfully; accelerating your job search and improving your chances of that dream role.


- LinkedIn Profile Development & Leveraging LinkedIn in Your Search

In this modern, digital world, learning how to successfully promote yourself online is vital. This module will show you how to create the perfect LinkedIn profile tailored to your dream career. I’ll also show you how leveraging the platform can help you to unlock job opportunities and expand your network.


- Mastering the Interview Process

Once you have completed the first five modules and secured that interview for your perfect role, this final module will show you how to master the interview process. I’ll show you how to successfully tackle the most challenging interview questions, boost your confidence and ask great questions; meaning you’ll be fully prepared for any eventuality!


$999             $599             $299

But it doesn't end with your resume though!


If you are serious about finally getting the career that you deserve, it does not end with your resume.


Learning how to network with peers, exude confidence during the interview, and create a clear job strategy plan to develop your career roadmap are all essential skills.


It is a lot to take in, so that’s why I developed Who Needs a Career Coach Anyway?! - a self-help job search course designed to take you through the transformation step-by-step, giving you the skills and knowledge required to secure that job you have always dreamt of.

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